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Roy Mulder

With 37 years of diving experience along side a lifetime of photography and video, Roy Mulder brings the best of both worlds to our projects. Keeping up with technology over that time, Roy has honed his skills and abilities to deliver professional quality images and video. The experience of sitting on several not-for-profit boards, has given him a demonstrated sensitivity to a client's needs. Having spent many years working in corporate sales he also understands an organization's culture and how to bring the best of a company's assets to light.

Whether it is shooting from a moving Zodiac in the North Sea for a research organization, or creating a promotional video for an ESL school, UWVIDEO1 pays close attention to our client's needs.  We are capable of providing dynamic images that will draw your clients in. 



Why use Roy Mulder UWVIDEO1?

I was given my first camera at the ripe age of 6, printed my first photo at 10 and became one of the youngest members of the London Camera Club at 13. My fascination and interest in nature molded my views on our place on the planet. I don’t believe that there is a difference between the world of my work and that of my passion for knowledge and the environment. I recognized early on that the ability to create visual imagery would allow more interest in a subject. My early days learning to be an Audio Visual Technician prepared me well for the videos and images I now produce, although the equipment has advanced dramatically.
As a director of numerous organizations I have experienced working with people and collaborating on a wide number of issues. Learning from years as the Chair of the Board of the TD/Canada Trust Friends of the Environment Foundation Vancouver Chapter, I understand the allocation of funding and how people evaluate presentations, both written and using visual media. Spending years in corporate sales has given me a demonstrated insight into corporate and government culture. Having both presented and attended thousands of presentations, I have learned what people pay attention to.  The vast majority of people are visual which naturally makes a visual presentation more powerful. Although I do offer commercial still photography, I believe that video is a more effective tool in creating retention on a subject or product.

When working with organizations it is important to understand their cultural behaviour and the differences between public and private sector. The British Columbia Institute of Technology Fundraising Management course was instrumental in my understanding of not-for-profit organizations. My decades of corporate sales prepared me for gaining insights into private corporations. I have worked with a diverse group of clients from many different private/public institutions.

You will see a lot of my work revolves around the ocean and animals. I am passionate about the marine environment and shooting underwater is one of my favourite things to do. This passion has extended to much of the work I do with non-profit groups for ocean advocacy. I enjoy the challenges of a difficult production circumstance and how to create a flawless finished product.

I am accustomed to working with decision makers and influencers. These are the people that need to drive my productions. It is critical that they are the ones who drive the vision of projects, to ensure a meaningful production.

Collaboration and proper communication is critical when working with something as graphic as a video. It needs to resonate with the expectations of the client, although I do expect a high degree creative license.  You will find working with me will involve a lot of questions that will allow me to create a production that resonates with your vision. 
I would be happy to do an estimate for any scale of production you have in mind. I have a large group of talented people that I can bring into projects. Budgeting will involve some discussion up front to determine exactly what you are looking for. Video production is not a one size fits all industry.  I would be happy to provide references. You will find my clients are a diverse and interesting group.

Please contact me to deliver a production that fulfills your need and budget.

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