Animals Animals Wolf Born into captivity, this wolf lives in a compound on Grouse Mountain. 137859218 Critter Care Bear Young bear cub at a wildlife rehabilitation refuge. 137859221 Maui Sea Turtles in Maui are under protected status. 137859222 RIver Otter Critter Care Wildlife Rescue rehabilitates wild animals so that they can be returned to nature. 137859223 Otter Pool River Otters need to be taught how to swim before release into the wild. This was a great assignment videoing them underwater. 137859224 Seal on Christie Islet 137897617 Oyster Catchers This site on Christie Islet used to have a thriving colony of oyster catchers, where now only a few remain. Environmental factors likely precipitated the decline. 137897621 Newborn Seal and Mother This newborn still had it's fetal folds and was less than a day old when found swimming in a marina in North Vancouver. 137897739 Maui Turtle 139174867 Irish Wolf Hound 139175373 Pet Portraits 139176024 Irish Setter 139176362 Orca Barkley Sound British Columbia 194711322 Bobcat 140580706 Humpback Diving Port McNeill British Columbia 194711323 Lucy Pet portraits available upon request. 158818627 Humpback Beautiful cetacean found in Port McNeill British Columbia Canada 194711324 Common Merganser Taking the family for a tour 195369099 Eagle with prey An eagle flying with a seagull's head in his talons 195369100 Steller Jay 195369114 Orcas Orca with her new calf 195369390 Zebras Schotia Reserve South Africa 204433200 Elephant Schotia Reserve South Africa 204433201 Elephant Schotia Reserve South Africa 204433202 Seal Portrait 204433492 204433497