Interior Design Interior Design Lovely Fixture 195607912 Plaid 195607913 Fixtures make the room 195607914 Interesting use of textiles The seat on this chair was done in a textured fabric in the pattern of a cut tree. 195607915 Nice Display 195607916 Airstream Booth Wonderful use of an old Airstream trailer as a booth for designer fashions. 195607917 Anthony Jamieson Designs Glass comes alive when Anthony Jamieson Designs are involved. 195607918 Anthony Jamieson Designs Some people really do work in glass houses. 195607919 Kelp on Glass Custom glasswork on doors and windows add an elegance to both interiors and exteriors. 195607920 Conversations.... 195607921 Anthony Jamieson Designs A west coast Indigenous motif. 195607922 Fine Dining 195608789 Fine Dining 195608790 Fine Dining 195608791 Do Not Sit? 195608792